4K Ultra HD will be a major trend at CES 2014


An article published in PCMagazine stated that 4K Ultra HD will be a major trend in HDTVs at CES 2014 (JANUARY 7-10).
Will Greenwald, PCMagazine editor, believes that “manufacturers that haven’t put out 4K screens yet to announce their first models, and companies that have already released 4K screens to announce less expensive models. Everyone is looking at the next big thing, and that will be the 3,840-by-2,160 resolution of Ultra HD. The once five-digit HDTVs will hit the low to mid four-digits, with even premium models from major manufacturers likely coming in at $3,000 to $5,000, finally putting them in the same range as high-end 1080p HDTVs.”

While the screens are becoming more readily available, there still isn’t a good way to get native 4K content on them. Some companies have streaming distribution systems with limited libraries, like Sony with its 4K Ultra HD Media Player (which only works with Sony 4K HDTVs), but there is still no physical format outside of the USB drive that can get your favorite movies to you in 4K. This is very much the same problem HDTVs had before the Blu-ray/HD-DVD race and the development of HD television channels. You might be able to reasonably get a 4K screen next year, but don’t expect to watch much of anything in native 4K if you get it.