What Is 4K Ultra HD Resolution?


Painting A Clear Picture Of 4K Ultra HD Resolution
The evolution of television has changed the way we watch television and use electronics. Every time we turn around there is some new piece of technology being released that offers incredible HD resolution. Most people only know that HD means high definition, which in simple terms means better picture. What they don’t know is there are multiple types of HD. We have decided to educate you a little further about HD, more specifically 4K HD Resolution. This guide will educate you about 4K HD Resolution, what it means for technology, and why you should make 4K Ultra HD Resolution your choice for high definition.


What Is 4K Ultra HD Resolution?
The more common resolution standards is a high definition resolution of 1080p. Currently, there are two high definition resolutions 3840 x 2160 pixels and 4096 x 2160 pixels. 4K means that the resolution is four times the common high definition resolution, and it has become known as 4K Ultra HD Resolution. 4K Ultra HD Resolution is also known as 4K x 2K, 2160p, or even quad high definition. Though 4K Ultra HD Resolution is not the commonly used HD resolution, it is growing in popularity slowly and becoming the go to resolution.
What is 4K resolution?

In digital cinema, a typical resolution is 4096 x 2160. In computer graphics, the QFHD resolution is 3840 x 2160. FPGAs can easily handle the processing requirements of 4K video which are about four times the processing capability of 1080p video.

4K resolution is becoming the next major enhancement in video because of its benefits in picture clarity and realism. Many leading projector, broadcast, and camera manufacturers are either already shipping 4K-enabled systems.

A Growth of 4K Ultra HD Resolution
4K Ultra HD Resolution is becoming more popular in the cinema world. We are starting to see this resolution more and more in commercial cinemas because this is what most films are being shown in. This is becoming the more popular choice because more films are being mastered and shot in this resolution, which means for the best picture, they need to be shown in this resolution. We are also seeing 4K Ultra HD Resolution in the home as well. More people are starting to use home theaters, which is making 4K Ultra HD Resolution more popular as well.

Why Use 4K Ultra HD Resolution
So you may be asking yourself, why should you use 4K Ultra HD Resolution in comparison to other resolutions? Well 4K resolution provides better details and shows less pixels in bigger screens. 1080p is more common, but on screens that are larger than 80 inches, the picture begins to look distorted. This is why 4K is the better choice because it allows you to get great picture on bigger screens. When it comes to movies, television, and entertainment, bigger is better, which is why there is always improvements in resolutions.

So if you like entertainment and you enjoy that movies are starting to become more realistic, then you will love that we have taught you everything you need to know about 4K Ultra HD Resolution. You have to go big or go home and if you want to go big, you won’t get great picture without using 4K. So now that you know, the next time you decide to go HD, 4K Ultra HD Resolution is the best choice for right now. Creators are always looking to the future and someday we may see 8K, but as of right now, that is nothing more than a mere visiion of the future. here in the present, the choice couldn’t be any clearer, if you want good picture, than you want 4K Ultra HD Resolution.